A Girl Interrupted

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A Girl Interrupted is a book by Brenda Drumm about her life and Faith journey with Multiple Myeloma, a treatable, but incurable cancer of the bone marrow. Based on diary entries, cards and memories, she tells the story of how she was diagnosed and how that changed life for her and her family forever. Releasing the book chapter by chapter on her blog, anirishgirlinterrupted.wordpress.com, she has inspired many readers. After a month an a half of publishing the book online she has had over 6,000 views by an international audience from India to Australia. Many of them get in touch, but one woman in particular sent her an email explaining that the book had put into words all the things she had been feeling but couldn’t express. Brenda Drumm explains more to Miriam Gormally.


The website for the book is anirishgirlinterrupted.wordpress.com

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