Archdeacon Gordon Linney

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Rev Gordon Linney, a sometimes controversial figure who has spoken out on issues such as political corruption and social injustice speaks here with Paul Loughlin.

Gordon Linney

The row continues in the Church of Ireland over the statements of the Archbishop of Dublin.  At the Diocesan Synods of Dublin and Glendalough on Tuesday 15th October Archbishop Michael Jackson said “ …. sectarianism itself, is alive not least in the Church of Ireland community; to me this has been a deep and shattering sadness”.  Reaction among lay and clerical members at the gathering In Taney Parish Hall was first puzzlement followed by anger.  Archbishop Jackson is a native of Fermanagh where, he said, he grew up in the midst of sectarianism and division.  Members of the Synod took it that their archbishop was linking them and their Church of Ireland community with the bigotry and hatred which lay at the heart of the Northern Ireland troubles over thirty years.  A combustible situation escalated when two former Archbishops of Dublin, John Neill and Walton Empey, publicly criticised Archbishop Jackson.  Despite his efforts to clarify his remarks the row has continued, mainly in the letters page of the Irish Times. The Reverend Gordon Linney who is a Dubliner and served as Archdeacon of Dublin for 18 years knows the Church of Ireland Community in the region very well.  He served under three archbishops and knows the parishes and their people intimately.  He told Paul Loughlin that he was not surprised at the ongoing reaction.


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