Belvedere Boy

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Belvedere Boy is a play about the life and execution of Kevin Barry.  Irish patriot Kevin Barry was eighteen years old when he was executed on November 1st 1920 for his part in an IRA ambush which killed three young British soldiers aged fifteen, nineteen and twenty. In a controversial new play former IRA volunteer Shane Paul O’Doherty tells his version of the story of Kevin’s arrest, imprisonment and execution. Shane Paul looks at some of the similarities between his own life as a bomber in London and and Kevin’s involvement in militant action.

Kevin was sentenced to death for murder at only eighteen. Shane Paul wanted to understand more about this man who wanted to be  a Catholic, a militant republican, a shooter and a doctor all at the same time.

But the real mystery that motivated Shane Paul to research and write his play was that Keven Barry walked to the hang house to meet his death without faltering, screaming, crying or protesting. He explains more to Pat Coyle.

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