Bishop Casey-Kevin Clancy remembers

Posted on 23. Mar, 2017, in Church Teachings, Community, SexualityComments Off on Bishop Casey-Kevin Clancy remembers

Kevin Clancy became Director of Galway Social Services in 1988.  For the next five years he worked closely with Bishop Eamonn Casey, who was the President of Galway Social Services at the time.  The death of Eamonn Casey RIP touched him deeply in a variety of ways.  The events, the passion and the commitment of the man who was Eamonn Casey impacted greatly on him.  Here he recalls the memories, the anecdotes and the larger than life figure that Eamonn Casey was.  In particular he recalls Eamonn Casey’s humanity, his concern for people who were not doing well in their lives, and his dream that the statutory agencies and the voluntary organisations would work in unison, each one fulfilling their own respective roles for the good of the people who were and are in need of their services.

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