Building Peace

Posted on 04. Jul, 2019, in Christian Values, Community, ConflictComments Off on Building Peace

Brendan McPartlin is a member of the Jesuit community in Churchill Park, Portadown, in Northern Ireland. The area made world headlines because of the Orangemen who demanded the right to march through this nationalist area. In this interview, with Pat Coyle Brendan explains how nowadays the situation is much improved and how people live in peace. He added that the area itself is in much better shape. The Orangemen still demand the right to march down the Garvaghy Rd but are not allowed to. However they still march to the start of the road every week before being turned back, something that they peacefully accept.

The Jesuits continue to live there and to be involved in reconciliation and building the peace. And while the violence has largely stopped, Brendan still says that the peace building work needs to go on.

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