Cenacolo – Hope for the Addict

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A recent report on drug use in Ireland, showed that their usage in Ireland was increasing. In this piece from our archives this week, from July 2006, we look at what hope there is for the addict.

The piece is from the Cenacolo community in Knock

The Cenacolo community was founded by Sr. Elvira Petrozzi, an Italian nun, in 1983.  For many years she had been concerned by the destruction she had seen among young people through drug abuse and she wanted to help them.  There are now 47 Cenacolo communities world wide, with 1,500 people in them.  A Cenacolo community was opened in Knock, Co. Mayo in 1999, when Sr. Elvira came to Knock to establish the house there.  Davida, from Italy and Josh from America told their stories to Eileen Good.

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