Child Witches in the Congo – Muireann Kirrane

Posted on 18. Oct, 2006, in Church Teachings, Economy, Environment, Faith and Justice, Health, PovertyComments Off on Child Witches in the Congo – Muireann Kirrane

All over the country children here are dressing up for Halloween, many of them as witches and sorcerers.  And it’s all in good fun.  But in the Congo, witchcraft and sorcery has become very sinister and disturbing.  Young children, accused of witchcraft are being thrown out of their homes –and it’s not to go trick or treating, but to fend for themselves.  These children usually end up on the streets or in shelters.Miriam Gormally met Muireann Kirrane from Trocáire, who spent time in the Congo working with these children to find out how widespread the problem was. 

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