Christians in Iraq

Posted on 04. Sep, 2014, in Christian Values, ConflictComments Off on Christians in Iraq

Fr Robert McCabe


Fr Robert McCabe is challenging Irish Christians to walk in solidarity with our fellow Christians and other religious minorities who have been displaced from their homes in recent months in Iraq, Syria and Nigeria. These people have been forced to flee by the Islamic State. Launching on the 14th of September, the challenge to walk will take place on Sunday September 21th.

IS are a group of hardline Sunni Muslims who grew out of Al Qaeda. Their goal since 2004 has been to form a hardline Sunni Islamic state. In so doing they are giving a choice to those who currently live in the area they wish to occupy: convert, pay a tax or be executed. Iraq’s religious minorities are currently suffering most, including Christians, Yazidis and Shia Muslims. Fr. Robert McCabe is asking those of us living in comfort to consider what it must be like, to do something together and to make a donation to Aid to the Church in need.

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