Festal Shout of Victory

Posted on 14. Sep, 2017, in Christian Values, CommunityComments Off on Festal Shout of Victory

Giving praise and appreciation to God is central to Biblical spirituality. One particular form of  praise known as the teruah Yahweh, the festal shout of victory. It played an important part in the wars fought by the Jewish people in the Old Testament. It was a blood curdling war cry which “was simultaneously uttered by God and the heavenly hosts  and by his soldiers on earth.” The call meant that those fighting knew that God was on their side.

Fr. Pat Collins grew to appreciate this call while working in Northern Ireland. During his work in the Peace Process, he often felt like the odds were completely against them. However a gathering with other peace makers for a festival of praise convinced them that God was on their side and that peace would be won.

He was subsequently inspired to organise one in Dublin to bring people together to fight for a more peaceful and Christian city. He explains more to Conor Deane.

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