Field Hospital Food

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In his interview with Jesuit journals in the Summer of last year Pope Francis famously described “the church as a field hospital after battle.” The image captures some of the urgency that is demanded of the church today: “You have to attend to the wounds,” he continued. “Then we can talk about everything else. Attend to the wounds! Attend to the wounds! … Begin with the basics.” [La Civiltà Cattolica 19.09.13]

Field Hospital Food is a beginning with the basics. It is a way of offering the food that is God’s word to people who are hungry—hungry for a word that satisfies, that nourishes, that consoles, that brings hope.

Prof Seamus O’Connell is a professor of sacred scripture in Maynooth College and has put together a series of scripture explorations, based around the readings for the first three Sundays for Advent with pastoral worker Jane Millet. Here he describes to Miriam Gormally about how they can bring make the spirit of Advent alive and present.

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