Film Faith and Music 2

Posted on 24. Jan, 2019, in Art, Christian Values, MusicComments Off on Film Faith and Music 2

Michael Aherne, who plays The Commitments’ pianist Steven Clifford, was an employee for the Dublin Corporation and took a three-month leave of absence to make the film.

He is currently head of the transport development at the National Transport Authority as well as working for Spirit Radio and doing gigs with The Commitments.

In this interview with Conor Deane, he talks about films, faith and music. He discusses the role his faith played in the making of film and in his subsequent performances with The Commitments. He says that when he is in front of a crowd he needs to draw on a higher power and plays with his faith.

He discusses here about how Alan Parker was aware of everyone and how he was able to get the best out of all the actors.

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