Remembering Michael Paul Gallagher

Posted on 12. Nov, 2015, in DeathComments Off on Remembering Michael Paul Gallagher

Fr Michael Paul Gallagher, well-known Jesuit theologian and educator died last Friday.

The former Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Gregorian University in Rome was a highly regarded writer and his books include ‘Clashing Symbols’ and ‘Free to Believe’ (DLT). He was also a great communicator, who had spoken to Soul Waves Radio on several occasion. In honour of his memory, here is a piece that he did with Pat Coyle on the importance of imagination. He saw it as the new battleground of faith and talked about how vital it was that we recover the power of imagination and receptive wonder. And with particular poignancy, he also talked about the need to slow down and savour life.

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