Lough Derg: spiritual bootcamp

Posted on 25. Jul, 2013, in Pilgrimage, SpiritualityComments Off on Lough Derg: spiritual bootcamp

Lough Derg, the Sanctuary of St Patrick, is a unique island of pilgrimage, in a small lake in County Donegal. Laura Byrne speaks to Fr. Robert McCabe, staff priest on Lough Derg and a chaplain in the Irish Army, about the enduring and increasing appeal of pilgrimage despite the strict routine and austere practices. Fr. McCabe likens it to the army and the robust training there and says Lough Derg pushes people to extreme and allows them to learn that we all need the help of others. It is this united hardship that ultimately gives them a great sense of serenity. But first she asks him about the ongoing pilgrimage season on Lough Derg.

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