Mercy at work in Hospitals

Posted on 10. Mar, 2016, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, Grief, Hospice, Spirituality, SuicideNo Comments


Marianne Quinn is the chaplain in St Columcille hospital in Loughlinstown, Dublin. Her work involves caring for the dying and for those who have been bereaved. She says that her work allows her to channel God’s mercy and to be present in whatever way she is needed. Mercy, she says, is particularly important in deaths by suicide as they can be the hardest to deal with. She likens it to an “bomb” going off in a family – Mothers in particular find it hard to overcome the idea that they could have done or known more. She says that in this Year of Mercy, “we need to literally be the face and presence of Jesus.” She explains more to Miriam Gormally.

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