Rally for Life

Posted on 29. Jun, 2017, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, Humane Vitae, Young peopleComments Off on Rally for Life

This Saturday, the Pro Life campaign is holding a Rally for Life. Some of the speakers include Karen Gaffney, a public advocate and woman with Down Syndrome. She has recently spoken to TDs at the Dáil to tell them that her life is “worth saying ‘yes’ to,” and to urge them to protect the right to life of people with disabilities. Another person who will be at the Rally is blogger and writer Tim Jackson who has been volunteering with the Pro Life movement for six year. He says we are at a “critical juncture” and hopes that this time next year Ireland will still be a pro life country. Conon Deane began by asked Tim where we were at with the abortion debate.

The Rally for Life will begin at 2pm from Parnell Square and will finish in Merrion Square.

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