Rev Bjork To Open A Dining Room

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Reverend Asa Bjork Olafsdottir

The mostly affluent borough of Dun Laoghaire might not seem the kind of place that would need a free meals service but the Reverend Asa Bjork Olafsdottir thinks it is.  The Icelandic native has been Vicar of Christ Church Dun Laoghaire for the past year and as well as proving herself a very good and popular pastor she is also a very organiser.  She has gotten to know the parish extremely well and is reaching far beyond her own Church of Ireland congregation.  Every week Reverend Asa is to be found with Team Challenge aboard the Homeless Bus.  The bus goes to where homeless people are to be found and, on Mondays when Asa is on duty, homeless people can expect a hot meal.  Now, with the unanimous agreement and support of the Christ Church Select Vestry, Asa is opening the church hall on Park Road on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for free hot meals between 12 noon and 2PM.  But it’s not just for homeless people.  It’s for those suffering the effects of food poverty or those who are just plain lonely.  She will also welcome people addicted to drugs or alcohol provided they are not high or drunk.  She is animated by the simple belief that if such people have a good meal in good company they may feel better and less likely to resort to drugs or alcohol.  Members of all churches and none have volunteered.  The local community Gardai, the Council and area social workers are supporting the effort with help and advice.  The Gardai and social workers in particular have been letting people know that the service will be available at Christ Church Dun Laoghaire from noon on Monday 24th February.



 IN CUE                  “As we are not going to charge for the meals ….


07:30                     OUT CUE             ” …………….  I feel that we are all one.”


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