Speak Out for Reform

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In this two part series, Joe Mulvaney talks about his new book, Speak Out for Reform in the Catholic Church. In this first part he talks about his own life and reservations with the Church, how he left ordained ministry and married his wife Maureen. He says that after Vatican Two there was hope that the rule around celibacy might become voluntary and that even rules around the ordination of women might be looked at. Instead he says the Church doubled down on those teachings, refused to even discuss them and silenced those who did.

However he says he feels that times are changing and that Pope Francis is breathing new life into the Church and that the laity in the Church have shown that they are against many of the Church rulings on issues such as contraception, divorce, same sex marriage and abortion.

He says that the vote on Repeal the 8th in particular shocked the Church and made them realise that their teaching were out of line with the feeling of the 78% of people in the country who register in the census as Catholics.

The book will be available for purchase on the We are Church website  or by email – speakoutforreform@gmail.com

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