Steve Bannon challenges Pope

Posted on 01. Aug, 2019, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, Gospel Values, LiturgyComments Off on Steve Bannon challenges Pope

Steve Bannon, the architect behind Trump’s rise to power, is set to take aim at the Pope. Unhappy with the Pope on several positions, in particular anything that looks supportive of immigrants or any kind of socialism, he wants to train people to fight Pope Francis’ ideology.

This new training ground will actually be in Rome, just over an hour away from the Vatican, in a medieval monastery in Trisulti. He hopes to train “gladiators” in the┬ádefence of Judeo-Christian civilisation and hopes to have it open by 2020.

Australian Jesuit, Richard Leonard talked about how Steve Bannon didn’t quite get the reception that he was expecting and how even Cardinals who are critical of the Pope, weren’t keen to go too far with that criticism least they imply that the Holy Spirit wasn’t present at the Conclave. ┬áRichard says that people rather see that Pope Francis is a very challenging leader, but nonetheless exactly the leader we need right now.

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