Taking Jesus out of Christmas

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Twenty-seven years ago Clare Mance, a professional singer and Bob Gline, a film writer, recorded the song, They’re taking Jesus out of Christmas. They recorded in Angel Studio in London under grammy award winning, Pete Moore and producer Ken Barnes who produced works with Bing Crosby and many other greats.

It was in many ways a prophetic song, looking a some of the changes that were taking place then, which now twenty-seven years on are more pronounced. However, at the time it was recorded, Bob never wanted to promote it – only agreeing to work on the song if they both used pseudonyms. Now Clare Mance wants to bring it out as an important voice during this Christmas season to reflect a sentiment many people can relate to these days in an increasingly commercialisation of the Christmas period. Here she talks with Miriam Gormally about how the story of the song began in a search for a Christmas card with a nativity scene in New York.

The name of the Album is Feelings At Christmas and can be listened to on Youtube and downloaded on iTunes,

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