The Hero’s Journey

Posted on 11. Apr, 2019, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, VocationComments Off on The Hero’s Journey

‘The hero’ was the title of a workshop led recently by education consultant David Tuohy SJ for chaplains and others who work with young people. David proposed ‘the heroic journey’ as a model of personal development, one that could provide both young people and their mentors with a positive and clear narrative. The workshop was part of a conference, held in Manresa, Spain, addressing the issue of how to speak about Jesus in a world of increasingly diverse visions. The attendants came from all around Europe.

David’s fascination with this hero’s journey idea was born out of observing the constant presence in history, mythology and education of the hero figure. Even in Ancient Greece, the stories of heroes were taught to inspire students to exert themselves for the good of the city state. And the same idea held later for the Roman empire, for Christianity, and for Renaissance humanism. In David’s view, this idea remains valuable for young people. It can inspire them to go on an educational journey into how they can use their creativity to make a greater contribution to their world. He explains more to Pat Coyle.

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