The Hunger House

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Conor Mcguire – an artist and columnist for the Western People has written a book called the “Hunger House”.  Set in Ballina, Co. Mayo, just before the Great Famine in Ireland, the book looks at the lives of people in this less well known time in Ireland. Speaking with Pat Coyle, Conor argues that this time is particularly interesting because it shows what society was like before devastation hit and how in many ways Ireland was, at the time, an emerging economy, rich in potential.

The story focuses on Bridget Hennigan, as she returns to Ballina to take up a posting as Matron of the new Workhouse overlooking the town. Her challenges are many, a professional woman under the supervision of a male dominated Board of Guardians. She forges new friendships and alliances, questioning the prevailing culture of hardship and want.

Pat Coyle begins by talking with Conor about how the famine changed the course of history for people alive at that time and how its effects are still being felt many years on.

The book is available fro The Hunger and also on Amazon.

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