The Soul in Art Part 2

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eve parnell Eve and Ambassador Denham 2June 2015 Turku Finland-2 Eve Parnell Drawing for Finland-2

Last week we spoke with Eve Parnell about her Italian collection of art work from her exhibition Postcard to Ireland in the RDS library. This week we look at her exhibition from German and Finland. Here she draws on the themes of compassion and the universality of our human natures. In her German exhibition she explores the idea of the Bread of Life and compassion towards animals in her pictures Woman cutting Bread and Man with Fox and Raven. In her Finnish exhibition, she explores the beauty and frailty of pigeons. There is also in the background the traditional association of the dove with peace and in the Christian sense with the Holy Spirit. She sees an analogy between the birds’ feathers and the depiction of the angels, disembodied and free of earthly constraints. She explains more to Miriam Gormally.

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