The Spirituality of Virginia Woolf

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Well-known author Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) may have been an atheist, but she nonetheless had a rich and deep spirituality, according to Professor Stephanie Paulsell of the Harvard Divinity School. She spoke in Milltown Park on March 8, at the invitation of SpIRE, the Spirituality Institute for Research and Education.

Professor Paulsell described Woolf’s family ties to religious movements and her own complete rejection of any notion of a deity. However she retained a deep interest in the concept of soul, morality and how to live a good life without God. She had a passion for justice and for the ethical life.

Dermot Roantree met with Professor Paulsell to find out more.

There will be a formal launch of SpIRE in the Arrupe Room, Milltown Park, on Tuesday 22 March. At this same event both SpIRE’s website and its MA in Applied Spirituality will also be launched. All are welcome to attend. Enquiries to Michael O’Sullivan at

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