Thirty-Three Good Men

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Thirty-Three Good Men by Dr John A. Weafer analyses the lives of thirty-three Irish Catholic diocesan priests and former priests during a period of significant change in the Irish Church and Irish society, 1960–2010. The book looks at the way Irish diocesan priests experience celibacy and obedience in modern Ireland, and how they understand their evolving identity as priests. It all explores other topics, such as the alleged crisis in priesthood.

These men in the book are quite different from each other, with diverse backgrounds, personalities and attitudes. Most of them are active priests, others have left the priesthood; some are young, most are middle-aged and elderly. Most are heterosexual but some are homosexual; most live celibate lives, others are sexually active. Most hold orthodox Catholic beliefs, while others are more liberal; and while some are enthusiastic about their priesthood, others have become disillusioned. Miriam Gormally spoke with Dr John A. Weafer to find out more.

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