Tribute to Br Patrick, an Ebola victim

Posted on 11. Sep, 2014, in Death, Missionary, VocationComments Off on Tribute to Br Patrick, an Ebola victim

pr85737_[2]_Br. Patrick Nshamdze

The reality of the Ebola virus has reached Ireland with the death of a Hospital Director in a Saint John of God Brothers hospital in Liberia. Br Patrick Nshamdze, from Cameroon, had dedicated his life to helping people and had stayed on in the hospital when others had fled.

John Mitchell, executive director of St. John of God’s development company, a support fund raising company for the order, was a friend and colleague of Br Patrick. He talks about what a fearless man Br. Patrick was and how he was a true missionary. He also talks with Miriam Gormally about the spread of the disease and what it means and how it only really gained attention when Europeans and Americans died from it.

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