Why The Irish Church Deserves to Die

Posted on 02. Nov, 2017, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Gospel ValuesComments Off on Why The Irish Church Deserves to Die

“Why the Irish Church Deserves to Die”, is the title of a controversial book by Fr Joe McDonald. He says that the death has been taking place for quite a while but is now quickening. He says that the Church has been very successful in preaching fear and censure, but not always so good in presenting the love of God. And that we have moved away from the teaching of Jesus.

He says that there is need for people like him who care deeply about the Church to be fired up and get back to the basic message of love and welcome before an unstoppable rust sets in which can’t be reversed. Miriam Gormally begins by asking him about the word “deserves” in the title and whether that might seem overly harsh to some.

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