Women in the Church

Posted on 05. Apr, 2018, in Christian Values, Church of Ireland, Feminism/Women in the Church, IslamComments Off on Women in the Church

Rev Suzanne Cousins, recently ordained priest in the Church of Ireland and author of the book, Generous Love in Multifaith Ireland, spoke about her journey to ordination. She explained how her position represents a different idea to other religions regarding the role of women. Acknowledging that there is still room for improvement within the Church of Ireland, and that she doesn’t want to interfere in another religion, she nonetheless looks at how different religions can have a mutual positive influence on each other. She says that focusing on the common things that unite them can bring enhanced wisdom, tolerance and understanding, while maintaining an awareness of the differences can allow others to examine their own faith and question what the spirit of the age is calling for. She starts by talking with Miriam Gormally about the differences and commonalities in Islam.

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