Women of Hope

Posted on 31. Aug, 2017, in Cancer, Faith and Justice, Feminism/Women in the Church, HealthComments Off on Women of Hope

In this archive piece from 2006, we look at Cancer and the fear it evokes. It is something that registers with every person who faces waiting for the result of tests which could be positive.  This is particularly true for women if they detect a lump in their breast; it must be checked immediately and the waiting for the result will seem interminable.  Kate Dooher’s test was positive. At the time she was a university lecturer, completing a PhD and cancer was not part of the plan. She first told her story in her book I’ve got Cancer:  But It hasn’t Got Me and she now has gone on to another project, one which she could never have envisaged!  She told Eileen Good the background to this new venture.

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