Women’s Peace Tables

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On September 10th, over lunch in the Westin Hotel Dublin there will be a launch of an important global awareness campaign for women and peace, “Women’s Peace Tables Worldwide”. Dublin has been chosen as the location for the launch that will be the first of over a hundred peace table gatherings taking place in more than 35 countries worldwide during the month of October. The lunch will include lively discussion from a panel of Irish and international guests including Jane Morrice, Irene Santiago, Mairead Healey and Orla O’Connor.

In formal peace negotiations globally there continues to be an imbalance in the representation of women. According to a study by UN Women, between 1992 and 2009, fewer than four percent of signatories to peace agreements and less than ten percent of negotiators at peace tables were women. #WomenSeriously want this to change and call for equal representation of women at the peace table. ‘We know that when women and men work together to gain and sustain peace, it is far more effective’, said Ellen Maynes, Dublin event organiser and Myanmar based peacebuilder.

Miriam Gormally spoke with Ellen Maynes, who is currently in Bangkok about the importance of this launch, the future projects it may lead to and why Dublin was chosen as a venue.

To purchase tickets go to – http://bit.ly/2awj6em.

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