Working in Cambodia Part 1

Posted on 19. Jul, 2018, in Christian Values, Community, Conflict, Different abilities, Faith and JusticeComments Off on Working in Cambodia Part 1

Ashley Evans SJ has spent over 30 years working in Cambodia, teaching and trying to advocate for reform. He talks about how mission in Cambodia is evolving.  When he went out there, Cambodia was still devastated from the effects of the Khmer Rouge regime 1975-79 and the Vietnamese occupation (1979-89).  Now the economy is growing at a rate of about 7% per year causing new upheavals, challenges and opportunities to the young population.  Over those thirty years, the population has more than doubled to 16 million people. The vast majority are Buddhists but often with strong beliefs in local spirits also.

Ashley talks about his work there and how they initially set up a technically school for soldiers who were injured by the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese occupation. Many of the soldier who were working together in the technical school had previously fought against each other, so he says it gave great healing.

He explains more to Pat Coyle.

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