“A scene from the Godfather”

Posted on 18. Jul, 2013, in Church Teachings, EconomyComments Off on “A scene from the Godfather”

The Vatican Bank or “Institute for the Works of Religion” has seen its share of scandal and controversy over the years. The most recent smuggling scandal involves a Vatican cleric, a spy and a financier who are accused of conspiring to smuggle €20 million ($26 million) out of Switzerland aboard a private jet. This has led to the arrest of a Vatican monsignore, Nunzio Scarano, who is being questioned in jail over allegations of money laundering, corruption and fraud.

The case is said to have angered Pope Francis and is prompting him to make sweeping changes. Miriam Gormally talked with Fr. Michael Collins who said that “it’s like a scene from the Godfather” and particularly unfortunate given Pope Francis own wish for “a poor Church”. Fr. Collins looks at the contrast between Pope Francis’ own desire and what has erupted with the banking scandal.

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