Commentating at the Congress

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  The theme this year’s Eucharistic Congress is Communion with Christ and with One Another. Mary Kennedy, well-known Irish TV personality was commenting at the Eucharistic Congress. Miriam Gormally spoke with Mary about her own relationship with the Eucharist as a divorced person and whether she feels excluded. Mary has done commentary for several high […]

Lessons from the Congress

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In this last part of our series, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin talks about the need for pilgrimage and silence and how these are two things that we can take away from the Eucharistic Congress.

Ecumenism and the Eucharist

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The ecumenical dimension of the 50th Eucharistic Congress was unique. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin tells Miriam Gormally why, and talks about his invitation to inclusion to other Churches and the possibilities we all have to learn from each other.

Towards a Shared Communion

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The 50th International Eucharistic Congress was unique in inviting members of other Christian Churches to play an important role. Archbishop Michael Jackson, along with leaders of other Christian Churches in Ireland, was called to be included in a shared celebation on baptism. Archbishop Jackson was invited to preside at the main liturgy of the first […]

Feminism in the Church

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Breda O’Brien is a well-known Catholic voice and commentator in the media. She was the founder of Feminist for Life of Ireland and is a patron of the Iona Institute, a conservative, Catholic think tank. She is a secondary school teacher, has a column in the Irish Times and writes regularly in the Irish Catholic. […]

Sacred Music

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  Music is an integral part of prayer. This year the music for the Eucharistic Congress was put together for a diverse range of people coming from all over the world. Liam Lawton, who has been composing sacred and inspirational music for twenty years is performing at the Congress. Miriam Gormally began by talking to […]

Ecumenism at the Congress

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The Eucharistic Congress this year celebrated Ecumenism by inviting members of other churches to preside over the Liturgy of Word and Water, including Archbishop Michael Jackson; Anglican Archbishop of Dublin and Glendalough, Rev. Kenneth Lindsay; President of the Methodist Church, Bishop Brian Farrell; Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, Fr George Zavershinsky; Russian […]

Praying the Rosary

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One of the events at the Eucharistic Congress will be the Annual Global Rosary Relay. People from all around the world will pray the Rosary and the Sorrowful Mysteries will be prayed at the Congress in Dublin on June 15th. Miriam Gormally met Marion Mulhall, founder and president of Worldpriest, who will be leading the […]

1932 to Now: A Congress Comparison

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Peter Kelly worked for Radharc productions for many years and now works on making programmes for TG4. He is currently working on a programme comparing the 1932 Congress to the upcoming one next week, June 10th to 17th. Miriam began by asking him whether it was a fair comparison given the number of changes that […]

Understanding the Eucharist

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The majority of Catholics in Ireland do not attend Mass regularly and significant numbers do not believe in key tenets of the church’s teaching, according to an Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll. One of the key teachings, the transformation of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ during the Eucharist, was only […]