Abused Priest meets Pope

Posted on 29. Nov, 2018, in Christian Values, Crime, VocationComments Off on Abused Priest meets Pope

Father Paddy McCafferty was one of the eight abuse victims who met with the Pope while he was visiting Ireland in August.

The Belfast priest, who was abused during his training, said that Pope Francis accepted responsibility for the abuse during his visit and was very visceral in his condemnation of the abusers.

Fr Paddy said that he never wanted to testify against his abuser, a former priest, but felt duty bound when he was approached by an GardaĆ­ and asked to give evidence to help others who were bringing a case. Fr Paddy talks about how his abuser admitted his wrong doings and said sorry to him in private, but the he denied it in court – dragging the whole proceeding out for everyone and making it even more painful.

Conor Deane talks to Fr Paddy about how he managed to maintain his own vocation throughout all the abuse and how in many ways his faith in God was what kept him going.

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