Addressing Abortion

Posted on 13. Sep, 2012, in Church Teachings, Humane Vitae1 Comment

Minister for Communication Pat Rabbitte said that it would be a retrograde step if the Catholic Church went back to dictating to elected representatives on how to address the issue of abortion. Mr Rabbitte was responding to Cardinal Seán Brady’s assertion on RTÉ’s This Week programme that the church would lobby public representatives as part of its campaign against abortion. Miriam Gormally spoke with Lorcan Price, a barrister with Catholic Comment, about what this message sent to him and other Catholics.

One response to “Addressing Abortion”

  1. loughlp says:

    It is interesting to note the comment of the Labour Junior Minister Kathleen Lynch TD that the Catholic Church has a right to lobby its point of view. It could be a sign of a rowback on Pat Rabitte’s emotive allusion to the Catholic Church dictating. In an odd way the episode involving the Cardinal and the Minister is an echo of the extreme divisiveness of the “pro-life” amendment campaign of 1983 which no sane person would want a return to.