An Army Chaplain in Iraq

Posted on 21. May, 2015, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Conflict, Places of Conflict, War / Civil UnrestComments Off on An Army Chaplain in Iraq

2013_11_25-wp-mht-jesuit-hs-cdts-001 Tim Valentine SJ, US army Chaplain, on far right, with Cadets

Tim Valentine SJ entered the army in his forties to train to become a Chaplain. Having spent most of his life as a teacher, his world was changed completely when he was a first hand witness to the destruction of the New York Twin Towers. Watching the buildings collapse, he decided that he was called to serve with the men who would be sent out to answer this atrocity. He talks here with Pat Coyle about that fateful day and what it was like to enter the Army at an age when most were retiring. He also looks at the psychological challenges of being a soldier, knowing that you are going to be part of death and destruction, either being killed or killing others.

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