Beige Catholics

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According to Michael Kelly, editor of the Irish Catholic, Bishop Robert Barron is one of the most engaging thinkers in English-speaking Catholicism. A former seminary rector, he is now an auxiliary bishop in the sprawling Los Angeles archdiocese. At the heart of his faith is a desire to connect with the modern culture and to communicate with a secular society. Michael Kelly met with Bishop Barron while he was in America and talked to him about his latest interest which he describes as ‘beige Catholicism’ – a form of the Faith that seeks to be dominated by the prevailing culture. He says that Catholic shouldn’t be afraid to assert what they believe and that the question is not “whether the Church ought to engage in a dialogue with the wider culture, but rather, how?”

Using Youtube he himself broadcasts homilies on how to make the stories of the Gospel relevant. Miriam met with Michael Kelly to find out more.

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