Brendan’s Pilgrimage

Posted on 30. May, 2007, in Community, Faith and Justice, Pilgrimage, SpiritualityNo Comments

This is a season for pilgrimage, but while many pilgrimages have become a fairly easygoing holiday with some devotions, Brendan McManus, a Jesuit working as editor of AMDG express, decided to go for a real challenge.  He chose to walk the route of Ignatius Loyola, on his own spiritual journey, who went from Loyola in the Basque country to Manresa in Eastern Spain, a distance of 300km.  As if that weren’t hard enough, Brendan chose to do it in the traditional way, putting total trust in God and the kindness of the stranger; travelling penniless.  He explained his reasons for this choice to Miriam Gormally. 

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