Brexit concerns in Northern Ireland

Posted on 06. Dec, 2018, in Christian Values, Community, Conflict, Economy1 Comment

Brexit has been a particular concern for people in Northern Ireland who are worried that it will see a return to the troubles. Fr Paddy McCafferty, PP of a West Belfast Parish – Springhill which is just off the Falls Road, talks to Conor Deane of his concerns around Brexit for the wider nationalist community and his vision of a future for the North based on shared values around Christianity and forgiveness.

Fr. Paddy states there can be no lasting and real peace until both sides of the community embrace forgiveness and love in the Christian context, as we are called to do in the Gospels by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Conor and Fr Paddy also discuss sports like Rugby where Ireland come together, embracing Unionists and Nationalist, to great success, showing that such initiatives are possible. They begin by talking about the tensions surrounding Brexit.

One response to “Brexit concerns in Northern Ireland”

  1. Theresa Kearney says:

    Fr. Paddy McCafferty, is right in that Christianity is the only way forward. Most of the different Churches are in total agreement “ love thy neighbour as theyself” all the communities in The North of Ireland are afraid of what Brexit will bring. We have no idea exactly what the proposals are. As we are very well aware, politicians are very good at saying one thing to reassure but we never get the full details until after deals are done. Well done Fr. Paddy for once again speaking gently, yet getting to the points which are of great concern #peace?