Bringing people to Awareness

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Des O’Grady SJ and Dee Hennessy give mindfulness workshops throughout the country. Both of them came to mindfulness through a sense of dissatisfaction with what the Church had to offer. Their mindfulness however brought them back to a richer and deeper appreciation of their faith and their retreats now combine Christian Eucharist with Mindful awareness.

During their workshops and retreats, they engage participants in the actual practice of living mindfully and experiencing themselves as an integral part of creation, connected to the cosmos. Des and Dee are clear that they do not “teach” mindfulness, rather they use prayer and meditation, breathing and movement exercises, stillness, silence, walks, group sharing and one on one spiritual accompaniment to bring people to greater awareness.

They also take on board the challenge of what ‘coming home’ or an all-loving creation can really mean when nature is, as Shakespeare describes it, ‘red in tooth and claw’. Dee begins by talking about her journey to mindfulness.

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