Christians and Consumerism

Posted on 18. Oct, 2012, in Church of Ireland, Church Teachings, PovertyComments Off on Christians and Consumerism

The incoming President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Dr. Heather Morris is a cleric and the Director of Ministry at Edgehill Theological College in Belfast. She joins Father Kieran O’Mahony as an ecumenical canon at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. The Church of Ireland’s national cathedral invites leading members of other churches to become ecumenical canons and deliver a certain number of sermons per year. Heather Morris specialises in bringing theology into everyday situations and is a critic of an increasingly secular and consumer-oriented society where a person’s worth is determined by the things they have. She tells Paul Loughlin the story of a young single mother who spent what little money she had on status symbols for her children.

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