Christmas Music from Nairobi

Posted on 30. Nov, 2005, in Charity, Faith and Justice, MusicComments Off on Christmas Music from Nairobi

Miriam Gormally speaks to Gary Moore – the man behind the Christmas CD ‘Mr. Omondi’s No. 1 Singers’. Gary explains the initiative behind the CD and capturing the wealth of musical talent in Kenya and using this to raise funds there for the education of children. Sarah Mitaru, a singer on the CD, joins Gary and Miriam asks if she was annoyed to be represented in the past by western singers in fund raisers like Band Aid instead of Kenyan musicians?


In: “The basis of this project was …”

Out: “…it’s called Mr. Omondi’s No. 1 Singers.” (Music fades out)


Time: 6.02

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