Climate Change Summit

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Irish Development organization Trócaire has warned that failure to take decisive action to combat climate change would be like “sentencing millions of the world’s poor to death”.

Lorna Gold, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Trócaire, was at the UN Climate Change Summit in New York on Tuesday September 23rd. She had called on Taoiseach Kenny to put Ireland firmly behind efforts to reduce global carbon emissions. Speaking from New York, where she represented Trócaire at the People’s Climate March on Sunday, Lorna Gold said:

“Climate change is the greatest injustice of our time. The people who are doing least to cause it are suffering the most, while those with most power to address it have so far utterly failed to do so.”

“However, we can end this. If we act now, we can reduce the impacts and begin to offer the world’s poorest people a life-line.”

Miriam Gormally phoned Lorna Gold in New York just after the summit to see if something had been achieved.

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