Coptic Christians in Ireland

Posted on 13. Jun, 2019, in Christian Values, Community, VocationComments Off on Coptic Christians in Ireland

Mark Kelada is a member of the Egyptian Coptic Christians who has also just recently graduated with a Phd in medicinal chemistry from Maynooth University.

Born in Egypt, he explains that Coptic Christians are ambassadors of Christ. He came to Ireland when he was nine and is now a deacon in the Coptic Church.

He was chosen to the Irish representative to meet Pope Tawadros I, in a week long course to bring young Coptic Christians together from all over the world in order to allow them to connect with their roots in Egypt. It was a week long event with over 200 young people from different nationalities. He talks about the experience of meeting the Pope as well as the Bishops and giving the perspective of the youth on issues like technology and interfaith dialogue.

He explains more to Conor Deane.

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