Abortion: a fair debate?

Posted on 04. Jul, 2013, in Church Teachings, Humane Vitae1 Comment

Columnist John Waters writes for the Irish Times, The Irish Catholic and various other publications. He believes that the current debate on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy legislation in the Irish media is not a debate at all. He criticises much Irish journalism as belief systems promoted under the guise of reportage – reportage that is supposed to be objective and non-partisan. Waters believes that this is a widespread and possibly unconscious bias, springing from a liberal ideology that sees Irish society moving towards a future where abortion will be normalised.

However he also considers that Irish Catholics themselves have become transfixed by the abortion issue, to the extent that opposition to it has become the defining issue of their religion. He tells Paul Loughlin that opposition to abortion may be crucial, but there is far more to Christianity than that.

One response to “Abortion: a fair debate?”

  1. Peter Dunn says:

    Hello Miriam,
    I agree with the main thesis and thrust of John Water’s argument.I think the ideas are worth developing and progressing either in public, or privately at this stage with a chosen group.
    I could ask Radharc to host a discussion on the subject in the coming months.I feel sure they would be willing to do so.
    You can let me know if he would like to progress the idea.

    See you soon,