Does Christ Matter?

Posted on 26. Apr, 2018, in Church Teachings, Community, Feminism/Women in the Church, SpiritualityComments Off on Does Christ Matter?

Does Christ Matter? is the title of a book written as a dialogue between members of two Irish Churches, Timothy Kinahan, an Anglican and Brian Lennon, a Jesuit. Although their communities in Northern Ireland were often divided, the authors have worked together for over 40 years on issues of theology, conflict, reconciliation and the relevance of Christ in a pluralist society.

The book starts with a fresh look at Christ’s life and teaching in the Gospels, asking critically about its meaning to today’s world. They then engage in a critique of their own churches against the standard set by the Gospels. They also explore the values of a modern world to try and understand what the Church can learn from a pluralist society as well as what the Church has to offer in a largely secular society.

Miriam Gormally spoke with Timothy and Brian about their book and their work together. She started by asking them whether religious people engaging with secular values ran the risk of satisfying neither group.

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