Bringing Charismatic Renewal

Posted on 15. Nov, 2018 in Achievement, Chaplaincy, Christian Values, Community, Feminism/Women in the Church, Pope Francis, Prayer

A few years ago Pope Francis encouraged the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) and the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships (CF) to work together towards forming, an International group , “a single service for the one current of grace.” Conor Deane met with Michelle Moran, Past President of ICCRS and one […]

World’s Largest Knitted Blanket

Posted on 25. Jan, 2018 in Achievement, Community, Prison

Valery Larkin is on on a mission to make the world’s biggest blanket and set a new world record for the Guinness Book of Records. The finished blanket will go to help the Red Cross. Valery has been getting blankets from all over the world, from Japan to Wales – each blanket with its own […]

The Volunteer Part 2

Posted on 17. Nov, 2016 in Christian Values, Conflict, Crime, Gospel Values, Prison

This second part of The Volunteer continues by looking at how Shane O’Doherty was arrested and his subsequent life in prison. It explores how he turned from a bomber to someone who publically and privately called for an end to all violence. He talks about the power of prayer and how it sustains him through life […]

Beyond Redemption

Posted on 03. Nov, 2016 in Christian Values, Rehabilitation

Journalist Mick Peelo recently presented a Would You Believe documentary called Beyond Redemption? He looked at sex offenders in Ireland and discovered a number of unpalatable truths: most are not paedophiles, most are never caught or convicted and almost 40% of them are children under 18. Having spent over 20 years investigating sexual abuse within […]

Unmet Commitments in Prisons

Posted on 30. Jun, 2016 in Christian Values, Prison

The Prison Services and Irish Probation Service recently launched their Annual Report for 2015 and Strategic Plans for 2016 – 2018. Eoin Carroll from the Jesuit Centre of Faith and Justice says that while progress has been made there continue to be unmet commitments from the Prison Service’s Three Year Strategic Plan 2012-2015. Chronic overcrowding […]

Chaplain In Wheatfield Prison

Posted on 24. Mar, 2016 in Chaplaincy, Christian Values, Community, Crime, Education, Holy Week, Places of Conflict, Poverty, Prison, Rehabilitation, Seasons of the Church Year

A recent article in the Irish Times featured an interview with Stephen Plunkett, chief executive of U-Casadh, a programme aimed at rehabilitating prisoners. In it he says that the vast majority of prisoners are not violent and shouldn’t be locked up but rather rehabilitated. The Easter Christian message in particular reminds us of the respect […]

Concern for Prisons

Posted on 21. May, 2015 in Christian Values, Prison

Earlier this week, the Irish Prison Service and the Irish Probation Service launched their Joint Strategy for prisons for 2015-2017. The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice say that certain critical objectives were not met in previous strategic plans and they worry that the same will happen to the current Joint Strategy. They are specifically […]

Call On Me Again

Posted on 25. Sep, 2014 in Art, Community, Music Therapy, Rehabilitation, Spiritual, Spirituality, Young people

Here is the latest piece of music from Eamon Keane, musician, therapist and radio presenter. It is called “Call on Me Again” and was written while Eamon was working in South Africa. The song derives its inspiration from his work as therapist listening to the stories of many students who feel forgotten. He will be […]

Prison Services

Posted on 14. Aug, 2014 in Poverty, Prison, Rehabilitation

A piece from the 2006 archive. Reoffending and rehabilitation are words that are often used when talking about prisoners and the prison system in Ireland today.  Miriam Gormally met up with John Lonergan, the Governor of Mountjoy Prison, who talked about rehabilitation and how poverty, disadvantage and stigmatisation affect it.  John explains why we need […]

Homeboy Industries

Posted on 24. Jul, 2014 in Prison, Rehabilitation

How do you go from gangland member to chef? This is the work of Homeboy Industries. Fr Gregory Boyle SJ, founder and director, established Homeboy Industries to facilitate people who wanted to turn their lives around. Started as a small job service, “Jobs for Future”, it is now one of the largest, most comprehensive and most […]