Eddie Stones Healer And Family Man

Posted on 03. Jan, 2019, in Christian Values, Community, Health, Spirituality28 Comments

To start the New Year we will be playing some of the most listened to pieces from 2019. We start this piece, which was first played in 2013 and still topped the polls in 2019.

Conor Deane speaks with Eddie Stones who discusses his time as a Healer in Emmanuel House Of Providence in Clonfert, Co. Galway.

As a first in a series, Eddie Stones from Emmanuel House Of Providence tells us about his experience of God in himself and the people who come to be healed.

Eddie Stones is a married man who is appointed by his Bishop to serve as custodian along with his wife Lucy of Emmanuel House Of Providence in Clonfert, Co. Galway.
For the best part of the last twenty three years Eddie has offered of himself as a healer to tens of thousands of people who have travelled from around Ireland and the world to seek peace, reconciliation and healing from their troubles, worries and ailments.
He and his wife have raised their five children in Clonfert having left a lucrative business as a butcher behind and a very comfortable secure life in Clara.
Eddie has a special gift and ministry for healing as attested to by many hundreds of families and individuals. Here he shares some of his time in Clonfert.

28 responses to “Eddie Stones Healer And Family Man”

  1. michael McCullagh says:

    It is so often all about “the one” Thank God for this moving story. So many times in the gospel it is about Jesus reaching out to just one person in the community, the woman at the well, the woman condemned by men, Zaccheus or the man known as the good thief. These stories inspire and encourage us. Thank you.

  2. Rachel Naughton says:

    For my Granddaughter who has a rash from head to toe for over a year. Seeing Drs but unable to clear. She is 7 years of age. Joint is skin especially bad. Face and head

  3. I saw Eddie Stones in sacrament chapel Dublin in February last, he was amazing. Please say a prayer for me as I have bowel cancer, and for all sick people.

    Thank you,
    Bernie Lawlor

  4. walter joseph gomez says:

    dear eddie stone please pray for me so that i will be free from sickness

  5. Teresa says:

    Eddie please pray for me and heal me from my eating disorder

  6. thomas says:

    Dear Eddie,I have a pancreatic and liver cancer please will you say a prayer for me.I am trying to come and pay you a visit at your church god willing I will get there.

  7. Sinead says:

    Eddie please pray for me that il get pregnant my first baby daughter died a year ago with a hart defect. Thank you

  8. MaryOlivia Donoghue says:

    Dear Eddie I thank you for all the so great work and love you show.
    If you have any bit of healing for me thank you; I have frozen shoulder since last January and I would love movement back in my arm my pain has been very full on in my body.

    If you have any time free to send me some healing I look forward to meet you on Wednesday.

    I am travel down to meet you on Wednesday 30th from Galway
    Thank you
    Kind wishes
    Mary Olivia

  9. Dear eddie please pray for my mam madge she has cronic sinis and is very worried about herself .I met you before and you healed me from terrible siatica thank you and God bless you .carmel.

  10. Dear eddie pleas pray for my mam madge who is suffering from cronic sinis she is 75 years old and is very sad she has had a lot of sadness in her life after rearing nine children’s.

  11. Bridget says:

    Meet Eddie today at his mass in clonfert never witnessed a nicer man and could not explain the feeling when he blessed me

  12. patricia hughes says:

    would really appreciate if you could heal my left arm I have a bulge disc and its sitting on a nerve and its taking so much out of me plse help

  13. ann says:

    Please pray for healing for my son, Luke.

    Thank You

  14. ann says:

    Please pray for healing for Luke.
    Thank You

  15. Marie Russell says:

    Please pray for my nephew Richard that he is united with his little daughters who love and pine for him

  16. Sinead says:

    Hi Eddie met you a year agp last may.thank you so much. We had a beautiful baby son back January. Thank you again. Sinead

  17. Joan Dempsey says:

    Hi Eddie

    I have a very special favour to ask you to heal a very special family member. Bless you.

  18. Margaret curtis says:

    Please help me with my fear and anxiety

  19. Siobhan says:

    Please pray for me fear and Anxiety…thank you..

  20. Donna Eva says:

    Eddy I have met you
    It was a privilege, please pray my Girls come back to the church
    I’ll pray for you also
    God bless

  21. Hi Eddy, Could your please pray for my 16 year old daughter. She has madelung in both wrists. This is very painful and she cannot do her school work. Please pray a little for her
    Thank you

  22. Ned says:

    Hi Eddie , I suffer from anxiety and depression .i would be very greatfull if u would pray for me send me healing
    Thank u from Ned from meath

  23. CONNIE PURCELL says:

    Please Eddie, can you heal my sister who has
    a bad back, Thank you.

  24. Marcella Holland says:

    Dear Eddie all I ask is that you pray for me for my Breast Cancer.
    Thank you

  25. Charles ward says:

    Hi everyone, I didn’t read all the comments but I read some. I want to say that their is only one healer and that is Jesus Christ our saviour. God uses Eddie and others a vessel for his beautiful and tremendous love. Gods love for us is unimaginable that I will try draw you a picture. Just image the love you have for your children, wife, husband parents, well multiply that love by a billion and your love will be as one drop in end endless ocean and Jesus love is the endless ocean. Turn to prayer and don’t be afraid give Jesus your worries and fears and your complete TRUST

  26. Michael spillane says:

    Hi Eddie I have severe sciatica on my right leg and can’t work hope you can say pray for me

  27. Rose Mckernan says:

    Please pray for my family for healt

  28. Louise says:

    Please pray for my very dear friend Karen who has motor neuron disease – that she may be cured from this condition. Thank you