Using Music To Spread The Word

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The 2 founders of Elation Ministries Seán Feeney and Paul Keogh both talk about their faith and their motivation and love for music and using it as a means to serve and spread the Good News.

Elation Ministries are a highly acclaimed group who aim to bring the Gospel to people through music and song.
The group is made of a number of people from various parts of Ireland who have experienced the transforming power of Christ in their lives and feel a calling to minister to others through their gifts.
People involved with Elation have directly experienced the personal love of God and his transforming power in their lives.
As a result of this they aim to help deepen other people’s experience of prayer.

Elation Ministries travel the length and breadth of Ireland to perform their music in the hope of spreading the Good News in a fun filled youthful format.

In “Last night we were in Malahide…”

Out ” …I think so.”

 Time 6:56


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