Equipes Notre Dame

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It began in 1938. Four young married couples, rich in their new found love and convinced christians, wanted to live their love in the light of their Christian faith. They asked Fr. Caffarel to guide their search. “Let us journey together”, he replied. The very first meeting took place in Paris on the 25th of February 1939. It was to be followed by other exciting meetings. Gradually, the special place of marriage in God’s plan unfolded before the eyes of these young couples: a living image of the love that unites Christ to his Church. At the same time, they experienced community life, in which Christ’s promise to be present is fulfilled (Mt 18 :20). And so, their lives progressed in three directions: union with God, union between husband and wife and between couples, and openness to others.

Here Conor Deane speaks with a committed couple of Equipes Notres Dame – John & Bernie Healy of St. Anne’s Parish Shankill in South County Dublin. John and Bernie share their experience of walking together in their faith as members of Equipes Notre Dame and how this has helped to increase both their spiritual and emotional intimacy as a married couple and as soul mates. But also they discuss how being part of a group who can chat openly about their faith in a safe environment helps them and the others within their Team to grow as people and as apostles of the Holy Family.

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