Family homelessness

Posted on 25. Feb, 2016, in Addiction, Christian Values, Economy, Homelessness, Young peopleComments Off on Family homelessness


Fr. Peter McVerry has said that housing should be a key election issue. Given the scale of the housing crisis, he said it was surprising and disappointing that the issue had not featured far more prominently in debates leading up to the General Election. Commenting on the current figures for homelessness, he added: “Housing is the key social justice issue facing our country right now. Homelessness is obviously the most extreme manifestation of the crisis but the housing situation of tens of thousands of people in Ireland today is overshadowed by issues of affordability and insecurity, whether because of rising rents or mortgage arrears.” Miriam Gormally met him at his office in Sherrard Street in Dublin and asked him whether any candidates were bringing up homelessness on the doorsteps.

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